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Join Us for a Bronx Community Forum

Solutions to Save Bronx Small Businesses


Sponsored by   TakeBack NYC

Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Location: Hellenic Orthodox Community Church 3573 Bruckner Blvd.

(parking in rear or take the 6 train to Pelham Bay Park Station)

Time: 7PM till 9PM


Fact: Bronx Small Businesses face a Crisis to survive caused by exorbitant rent increases and unfair lease terms. Last year, the Bronx alone led all the boroughs with the highest increase (30%) in small business court evictions with over 1,200 businesses ordered closed.

Finally, City Hall is looking at proposals to save businesses from these sky high rent increases.


Attend this Forum and find out if any of these proposals will:

• Stop the growing trend of illegal extortion of cash by unscrupulous landlords

• Stop the short term leases which prevent all growth and planning for the future

of small businesses

• Give rights to business owners to negotiate fair lease terms

• Stop the rent gouging

Welcoming remarks by Bronx’s District 18 Council Member Annabel Palma


The landlords want to keep the Status Quo protecting their profits and rights, they

have already selected a proposal , now its your turn, don’t remain silent, the future of your business is at stake, attend the Forum and ask questions and get honest answers.


There are four proposed bills to be debated:

1. Council Member Robert Cornegy’s proposal:

The foundation of Council Member Corngey’s bill gives mediation rights to retail storefront owners only prior to their leases expiring. Mediation may be requested by the business owners to negotiate new lease terms, but is non-binding on the landlords. If this non-binding negotiation process fails to reach an agreement, then retail storefront owners would get a one-year extension of their lease at 15% increase to find a new

location to move. Tenant must sign agreement to move after one year and not take any legal actions in court.


2. Small Business Jobs Survival Act:

SBJSA now in committee, regulates only the lease renewal process giving business owners in “good standings”, (no illegal activities, pays rent on time, etc) the right to renewal for a minimum 10 year lease. It calls first for non-binding mediation with their landlords, with both parties having equal rights to negotiate terms. If mediation fails to achieve a mutual agreement, then it calls for binding arbitration with both parties having equal rights to present their arguments. The criteria used by the Arbitrator is the

same as used successfully for 18 years when Commercial Rent Control law was in effect in NYC. The bill protects all commercial leases : retail, arts, manufacturing, professional , and not for profits.


3. NYS law being proposed with City Council resolution of support:

This proposal is for a law from Albany, not the City Council, establishing a property tax credit for commercial landlords who voluntarily limit the amount of rent increases to small business owners upon lease renewal. The legislation would be voluntary to participate by the landlord with no rights for the tenants.


4. Zoning:

The final option being discussed is for Zoning regulations similar to the ones passed for certain streets on the Upper West Side, and successful in San Francisco. Zoning regulation restricts the type and size of businesses which can open on storefronts in specially designated areas. The belief is the zoning with take pressure off the rental market due to limiting the expansion of chain stores in a particular community.

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