REBNY Directed “Political Theater” Flops, Bad Actors!

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Dateline March 20, 2019 NYC:

Monday at City Hall witnessed a REBNY created production of Fake Progressives Part III. The cast of lawmakers included REBNY funded cronies under contract for their political lives to perform only for them, and ambitious politicians seeking REBNY’s guidance to promote their careers.


 A hearing was held by the Small Business Committee on nine bills, all touted as helping small businesses and promoting growth for them, Chairman Gjonaj, “this package of nine bills was designed to improve the environment for small businesses.”  The truth, this package of bills was created by REBNY in collusion with Speaker’s office after the failed October 22nd  hearing on the Small Business Jobs Survival Act.  It is a full blown 9 Act presentation of DISTRACTION to do anything except stop the closing crisis of businesses on NYC's main streets.


 Even with months of planning, the October sham hearing including a media campaign giving misinformation about the bill ( calling it commercial rent control), a false narrative (will do more harm than good and blame "the" changing times, Amazon and chains, but certainly not the landlords), a fake study again calling the bill illegal, a who’s who of groups who have made money from the real estate speculation ( BIDS' boards and  Chambers etc), government funded organizations, and Speaker Johnson and Chairman Gjonaj touting REBNY’s narrative throughout the hearing, with all the big hits ( bill is not a silver bullet, must be changed, cannot protect Goldman Sachs). BUT, REBNY failed to achieve it’s goal.   That intended goal was to use the hearing to lay the foundation and motive for the bill’s prime sponsor Ydanis Rodriguez to water down the bill after the hearing and keep the status quo.   However, unlike many lawmakers eagerly willing, without any conscience, to throw our immigrant owners under the bus, Ydanis said, he would not betray them, instead, he would be the voice for the voiceless who have been treated like second class citizens by the government. 


REBNY’s plan B was launched with the same collusion with the Speakers' Office and cast of characters used over the past 9 years to stop any legislation giving rights to business owners when their leases expire.  The hearing on March 18th was the outcome of this anti democracy act by a lobby.  This “ basket of bills”  marks the third time REBNY has gone to plan B.   Former Speaker Quinn did this political theater twice during her rigging with REBNY act.  We will not insult desperate small business owners facing a severe crisis to survive by discussing the merits of these bills, and give them false hope that something is being done to save them.  They are all worthless and would not save a single business or job. They all have nothing to do with the “root cause of businesses closing” which is one thing, the unfair commercial lease renewal process, which the Small Business Jobs Survival Act deals exclusively with.


 What good is any proposed legislation or program touted as helping small businesses if the businesses close?  This is like the Captain of the Titanic telling the families in steerage they will be upgraded to their own rooms tomorrow if the ship doesn’t sink!  The SBS will help you start a business but if you succeed and grow the SBS will do nothing to keep you in business. The empty stores on every BID block will attest to who SBS really serves. All the 9 proposals are connected with SBS to oversee them. The same agency that testified against any legislation giving rights to small business owners when their leases expired, the same agency who ignores over 1,200 businesses closing each month for over a decade, ignores empty stores for years, ignored 500 court evictions each month of businesses, refuses to admit the rents are out of control, refuses to admit our small businesses face a crisis to survive, refused to admit immigrant owners are targeted for illegal extortion when their leases expire, refused to admit the mostly immigrant owners were turned into indentured servitude to their landlords when given month to month leases, and disguise the crisis and cover up the unintended consequences from BID boards with fake initiatives like these 9 bills. No lawmaker should rely upon SBS to stop the closings, it is the SBS policies favoring big real estate that created the small business crisis. 


Lawmakers can no longer hide behind bogus legal lies, fake bills and initiatives, use SBS and BIDS for political cover or play willful ignorance any longer. Silence is Betrayal, and for too long (9 years) too many lawmakers have remained silent and complicit to the rigging by REBNY to stop any real honest solution to save small businesses and the jobs of their employees. Therefore, these bills deserve to be exposed for what they are, a disgraceful act by lawmakers eager to please a lobby while ignoring the dire plight of small businesses. Yes, Rigged at REBNY HALL continues under Johnson!

 Updates Test to expose the Fake Progressives smiling while claiming to be Friends of Small Business:  

Listen or read carefully the statements of lawmakers on the crisis,  small business closings, empty storefronts or high rents. 

 REBNY’s Loyalist  “Bait and Switch” . we call it the Brewer effect because she does it so well. 

 1. RETAIL businesses- any mention of acts, bills, initiatives or proposals using RETAIL businesses was written by REBNY. For 30 years this has been the mantra for REBNY- Retail storefronts only.

2. Legal Issues- any lawmaker who claims his non action on the Jobs Survival Act is due to “legal issues/problems/unconstitutional/home rule” is lying and coached by REBNY or Speaker’s office. This bill has been deeply vetted as fully constitutional and legal!

3. Commercial Rent Control- 100% REBNY -The bill has zero rent control, none!

4. Offer other options with Jobs Survival Act- First proclaim support for Jobs bill but usually at end, switch to other option like zoning, tax landlords or give incentives etc.   

5. Tenant harassment-  instead of extortion - confusing reality.

6. NEVER acknowledge immigrants own majority of small businesses, 64%-68%!

7. NEVER mention actual court evictions of businesses or est. store closings. 

8. NEVER mention length of leases- sometimes month to month

9. NEVER mention growing landlord’s property taxes businesses are forced to pay.

10. NEVER mention 30 day vacate notices given by landlords to owners when their leases expire.

11. In reference to small business proposals always use:  help, assist, support, or grow . 

12. NEVER use Save or Stop closings

13. Commercial Rent Burden instead of rent gouging or exorbitant rent increases

14. Lack of Loans or finance- always REBNY or SBS coached

15. Over regulation or Too many fines – always SBS or REBNY coached

16. Ever-increasing pressure-  to describe fight to survive for small businesses, the high rents and high costs etc.

17. Street Vendors- For whatever reason Brewer has brought this group into the small business debate. This group and a fake restaurant association back her colluding and not part of the main issue.   

18. Community not for profit-   brought in funded groups into debate to be on side of REBNY . To give credibility to REBNY created proposals and lies.  The majority of community support our bill /saving mom and pop , therefore REBNY loyalists bring in Fake community groups they fund  to counter vast public support.  They do the same with rezoning.

19. Promoting fake studies and fake proposals - several fake studies done to distract from the only real solution,  our bill. Example, Rosenthal study In 2017, " my office released a report examining storefront vacancies on the Upper West Side, and the myriad reasons why independently owned businesses close, including soaring rents, changing consumer habits, and specific family circumstances. "
20. "Tools in the tool kit"  Any recommendation of SBS programs- SBS is the most anti small business agency in America. It’s a real estate lobby within government.

21. NEVER blame landlords for store closings or crisis.

22. Only few exceptions- NEVER use Crisis to describe market 

23. NEVER mention “commercial lease renewal process”

24 Micro businesses-  Always REBNY -Cooked up by REBNY appointee Chairman Gjonaj to limit the scope of any legislation. 


25.100% proven REBNY coached talking point:


When discussing the Small Business Jobs Survival Act, they begin with reference that the bill has been going nowhere for 30 years, collecting dust, spinning its wheels, no chance of passing etc. 


This statement is a knowingly false narrative used to justify not voting on the bill and justification for changing or substituting for it!


This statement also is used to distract from the TRUTH that the bill had 32 sponsors including the entire Small Business Committee and would have easily passed if allowed a vote. To cover up the most anti immigrant act ever committed at City Hall. (64-86% small businesses owned by immigrants)


This statement is used to cover up the rigging that began with the collusion between then Speaker Quinn’s Office and REBNY to scheme and cook up a bogus legal roadblock to stop the vote. A proven LIE that some lawmakers still use today!! A LIE that the Speaker's Office keeps alive for REBNY. 


Why is this so important to know today?  Because some of the same schemers who denied justice for 9 years on this bill are still in the Speaker’s Office colluding with REBNY to continue denying justice to our small business owners.  Our desperate  small business owners have a right to know who is a true progressive or a fake one. Also, all those who believe in good government and justice for all need to know the phony REBNY cronies disguised as real progressives. 



Sung Soo Kim, Founder

Steven Barrison , Spokesperson

 *Sung Soo Kim, “Godfather of immigrant small businesses”, is recognized as the city’s leading small business authority and advocate for 3 decades, is the founder of the oldest small business service center in NYC, the Korean American Small Business Service Center, and was Chairman of the Mayor’s First Small Business Advisory Board, appointed by Mayors Dinkins and Giuliani. He is co-founder of Small Business Congress and sole creator of the Small Business Bill of Rights.  He has spent every working day for 32 years addressing the problems of immigrant small business owners. He never took a salary from government as Chairman of Small Business Advisory Board nor in consulting on numerous regulations. He turned down offers to run a BID in Queens and turned down government funding for his business service center.  In 32 years he has personally negotiated and re-negotiated an estimated 50,000-55,000 commercial leases for his Korean members. He has gone to court weekly for 30 years to fight over 5,000 times  for his members in court. He personally consulted in the drafting of the original version of Small Business Jobs Survival Act and every version introduced by eight prime sponsors. It was his decision on the selection of the bill’s prime sponsor over the 30 years.