SOS- Save Our Stores

Council to decide soon between two bills

Both Claiming To Save Small Businesses


  The Small Business Jobs Survival Act (Survival  Act)

Gives all commercial tenants the right to renewal their leases for

10 years and equal rights with landlords to negotiate fair lease terms. A fair arbitration process if mutual agreement can’t be reached.



Join community advocates to fight and demand your councilmember vote for the Survival Act?         



        “Tenants Rights Bill”                                       CM Levin’s “Landlords Bill”

Small Business Jobs Survival Act                   Regulation of commercial rent

1. Right to renew commercial lease   YES     NO right to renew lease. Stores can be      for 10 years.                                                    given 30 day notice                                                                                           to vacate.

2.Minimum length of lease 10 years YES     NO Landlord can give month to month or Unless tenant wants less.                                     one-two year                                                                                            up to landlord.

3. Tenant has equal rights to               YES     NO Landlord has all the rights to 

                                                                                       negotiate new lease terms  

4. Tenant does NOT pay landlords’    YES      NO -Tenant pays landlords property tax!

Property Taxes!

5.  Rent must be agreed upon by       YES      NO Government board determines rent

Both tenant and landlord                                       increase                

6. Arbitration Process available if     YES     NO Rent set by landlord friendly board 

mutual agreement cannot be reached

7. Protection from extortion by         YES     NO protection, illegal extortion will

unscrupulous landlords                                          continue                                        

 8. Stop rent gouging                            YES     NO guarantee due to rent rate                                                                                                            based upon                                                                                               based on current market rate  


Only the Survival Act gives rights to commercial tenants needed to survive!


Join tenants activists to fight for ECONOMIC JUSTICE  for business owners and fight for their RIGHTS!

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