NYers are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!!

For 20 years unchecked real estate speculation is destroying our small businesses, arts, jobs, middle class and character of our neighborhoods. Yet, as this Crisis worsens and this cancer is spreading thoughout every neighborhood in all boroughs, our elected officials remain silent and deny any treatment to stop it.


Mom and Pop have no friends at City Hall

The real estate lobby and corrupt political machine bought the loyalty of even progressive elected officials. Our neighborhood businesses have become an endangered species near extinction Only the outcry from the public demanding a stop to the uncheck greed destroying our small businesses and the character of our neighborhoods will save our economy. Demand your elected official support

Small Business Jobs Survival Act 

and end this crisis.








































































































Robet Cornegy REBNY Fake Proposals  


So Called Progressives sell out Mom & Pop


Candidates accuse lawmakers of

Rigging the System for

Big Real Estate Lobby.  Call to

Freeze all Commercial Evictions

Last Chance to Save Mom & Pop businesses

on the road to extinction.




 City Hall "do nothing " lawmakers promote proposals 

that "do nothing" to save mom & pop 


Sham hearing exposes REBNY's 

Trojan Horse proposals 


REBNY CRONIES Hide behind 

8 year old Bogus Legal Roadblock

as Excuse to stop hearing on 

Small Business Jobs Survival Act  

Final REBNY Trojan Horse 

Hearing vs Study

Democracy vs Oligarchy 

REBNY Cronies pass worthless bill 49-0

                        but deny hearing on SB Jobs Survival Act                        

de Blasio beats Bloomberg in court evictions of

businesses 542 ave. per month 


Real Estate Lobby exposed rigging the system using unethical politicians 

and misinformation campaign.

Used campaign contributions to have lawmakers sellout their

communities by substituting Landlords’ bill for Jobs Survival Act and

hiding behind REBNY’s Lie.



de Blasio exposed as fake progressive

sold out to real estate lobby


Mayor de Blasio turns back on struggling

small businesses again , abandons “Progressive” principles, 

SBS appointment offers no help or hope for Mom & Pop


Editorial-Small Business Jobs Survival Act  Could be the only hope for saving 

mom and pop shops

Rejects Landlord's bill

June 29th 2009 Hearing testimony on Jobs Survival Act 

How honest government should work 

Chair David Yassky, “there is no option to do nothing ..

our small businesses will disappear

Unanimous agreement : “ the cornerstone to stopping the closing

of businesses and saving jobs is the Small Business Survival Act






Rigging Alert: Van Bramer joins 

Team REBNY to stop Jobs Act!

Rigging Alert:  Levin joins Team REBNY

to stop Jobs Act, introduces Fake Bill





Tony Avella PR Calling AG  investigate 

Extortion of Small Businesses 



Don’t be fooled by Lawmakers’ disingenuous claims of wanting to help mom and pop.

Shameful NYC Court Evictions of Businesses 


Queens Forum produces new strong prime sponsor 

for immigrant RIGHTS pledges to stand up to REBNY


REBNY adds new Ally against Mom and Pop 


Kim exposes Rigged Hearing 

Kim endorses Rodriguez as best hope to save 

mom and pop 

Sung Soo Kim calls for Boycott

Sham and Rigged Hearing

Sung Soo Kim letter to Chairman 

Gjonaj asking for 2 actions 

needed for Fair Hearing

Speaker Johnson

"stop serving REBNY"

Resolve SBJSA legal claims prior to hearing.

Villager Editorial, SBJSA is legal, 

Stop the "red herring" claims 

“The S.B.J.S.A. is the most legally vetted piece of legislation in New York City’s history. The scrutiny of its many versions spans 30 years, including legal oversight by the city’s Law Department, a special public hearing prior to a vote by committee, two amendments to the bill recommended by the City Council’s Legal and Legislation departments.


 Johnson pulls the plug on

Mom and Pop who are on Life Support!

At the height of this growing crisis, and the shameful rigging at City Hall,  we were betrayed by the new Speaker Corey Johnson, the most morally corrupt politician, void of any decency and principles.  In our decades long fight we have come across some of the sleaziest and immoral politicians,  but Johnson stands out in the “snake pit”  at City Hall  as having the least scruples and integrity of any.  What Johnson did against his own desperate small business owners and the citizens of the Village is unconscionable.



Mayor de Blasio gets failing Grade 

on Small Business Policy F

Blame the Mayor for neighborhood Mom & Pop

stores forced to close

Just Say NO to Commercial Rent Control

Would Make Crisis Worse




Hey, politicians, stop the B.S.!

S.B.J.S.A. is legal!





























Mayor de Blasio FAKE Study hiding his

            "betrayal to immigrants"

His "flip" from Crisis caused by high rents and extortion 

to No crisisproblems are "tickets and lack of loans" 


Mayor de Blasio FAKE Study to substitute real estate proposal " No rights for tenants and one year to move"

 for Small Business Jobs Survival Act , "right to renewal lease and right to negotiate fair lease  terms. 


Abysmal Record Exposes Public Advocate Candidate! 

Tipping Point

 now or never to save NYC businesses

Our small businesses have reached the “tipping point” in NYC where the out of control sky high rents and being forced to pay the Landlords' growing property taxes, in addition to  the numerous high costs of operating a business, have made it next to impossible for most businesses to make a reasonable profit and thus remain in business.

Small business surveys, public testimony of business organizations, business forums, and court records of commercial evictions prove beyond any doubt our city’s small businesses are in a crisis and without City Hall intervening with legislature to regulate a collapsed and exploited commercial lease renewal process, there is no hope or future for our small businesses or their employees in New York City.

Today in NYC, when a commercial lease expires:

  • It is a death sentence for many long established businesses.

  • It is a death sentence for most cash strapped arts and cultural institutions.

  • It is a death sentence for tens of thousands of jobs.

  • It is the end of the American Dream for countless families who invested their life’s savings and futures in NYC.

  • It is the  beginning of “illegal extortion” by unscrupulous landlords demanding from the mostly immigrant owners “cash under the table” , or be thrown out of business.

  • It is the continuation of sky high prices for all New Yorkers.

  • It is the continuation of the changing character of our neighborhoods and loss of an energy and spirit to that community that can’t be replaced.

  • It is the loss of opportunity for social mobility and vital first jobs that are needed by countless lower income families.

  • It is the beginning of empty storefronts on main street, sometimes these businesses are warehoused for years to keep rents artificially high.


THE POWER OF BIG REAL ESTATE IN NYC: Permeating throughout all levels of government--case studies

SBC Vice President and Spokesman Steven Barrison

USA Latin Chamber of Commerce,

The largest NYC small business study exposed the Crisis covered up by Bloomberg’s administration :

  • 53% businesses at risk of closing

  • 69% forced to lay off workers

  • 92% stopped hiring 

  • 31% had been illegally extorted by landlord

  • 86% stopped all planned expansion 

de Blasio's true record:  NYC Court Eviction of Commercial tenants NYC Courts issued 21,177 warrants to vacate under de Blasio 1,000-1,200 small businesses per month were closing

 Former Small Business Committee Chairman David Yassky, was the first Chairman to go on record that our small businesses faced a crisis and needed legislation to survive.
He was committed to take action because “ our mom and pop businesses will  disappear if we don't “. D. Yassky, the entire Small Business Committee, and the majority of council members selected the Small Business Jobs Survival Act as the best solution to save our  businesses.

“Franklin Roosevelt, when he was President said, try something, if

it does not work, try something else. But you have to try something.

The one thing we cannot do in the face of this Crisis is nothing”.

Betrayal of Democracy

Mayor de Blasio  and Speaker Johnson remained silent as big real estate is destroying our city’s small businesses, arts, jobs, and the character of our neighborhoods.

  • They purposely ignored finding real solutions to the real problems faced by our businesses.

  • They refused to regulate the out of control real estate speculators and profiteers which created a crisis for our businesses struggling to survive.

  • They introduced countless worthless programs claiming to help and serve the needs of our small businesses, when the true goal was to keep the Status Quo.

  • They collaborated with the real estate lobby to cover-up the negative consequences of this unchecked greed which was making every NYer a victim.

  • Worst of all they used the full power of government to deny democracy by stopping a vote on Jobs Survival Bill when they cooked up a bogus “legal roadblock” with real estate lobby.





June 29th , 2009 City Council Hearing on the Small Business Jobs Survival Act

Former Small Business Committee Chairperson David Yassky:

I will say simply as an opening statement that I believe that we absolutely have to do something, period. We have to do something to help small businesses, and in particular, storefronts and bodegas get through this unbelievably difficult time that they are facing. It's not an option to do nothing. The mom and pop stores on the commercial strips in our neighborhoods are the heart of the neighborhood. We cannot allow them to be pushed to the point of disappearance, which is what is happening now.”

Bloomberg and Quinn fooled the public are de Blasio and Johnson
doing the same?  

What Crisis?

Doesn’t everyone know

 the only problems facing our small businesses are too many

 fines and lack of affordable loans ?





Mayor de Blasio claims his role model was former Mayor  LaGuardia


The truth is, when it comes to standing up to big real estate interests or big 

campaign contributors, and standing behind small businesses owners,  de 

Blasio’s role model is more like former Mayor Koch. 


Every New Yorkers knows the real problem facing our small businesses’ 

struggle to survive or to make a reasonable profit,  is the Out of Control Rents.  

There was a time in NYC when our elected officials represented the people and 

not the special interests, and really meant it when they said, “ our small 

businesses are the backbone of our economy”.


The first true Progressive Mayor in NYC was Fiorello LaGuardia, widely 

recognized as the city’s best Mayor ever.  He stopped the closing of the small 

businesses and saved countless New Yorker’s jobs. 

Mayor LaGuardia fought for the passage, (in partnership with NYS legislation) of 

the first commercial rent control law in the nation during WW II. He 

kicked the speculators out of New York City and protected the small businesses 

for 18 years. For 18 years, it was next to impossible to evict small businesses or 

force them to close due to rent gouging by greedy landlords. 

Today, in NYC, with our Progressive legislators, it is next to impossible to keep a 

successful small businesses in business. What is the difference between the 

Progressive Mayor LaGuardia and today’s Progressive elected officials?  Mayor 

LaGuardia had enough courage, political will, and ethics to stand on the side of 

the people against the special interests and the political machine.

There is only one “real solution” to stop the closing of our businesses and art and cultural institutions and save New Yorker’s jobs and the character of our neighborhoods.   



Sung Soo Kim, "Godfather of Small Businesss",  founded the Korean American Small Business Service Center, the oldest small business service center in NYC; co-founding the New York City Small Business Congress and Coalition to Save New York, said “The absolute essential component of any law to stop the closing of businesses is the “right to renewal of the lease,” without which all proposals will fail and all independent owners in New York City will eventually be forced to close.”



 What the Jobs Survival Act would do:  Give rights to the tenants so they can again “bargain in good faith equally with their landlords to arrive at fair and reasonable lease terms.” The Jobs Survival Act has been bottled up in committee for over nine years , without a vote or hearing. Why, because of the power and enormous influence of the real estate lobby, political machine, corrupt politicians who serve the special interests, and politicians who lack the political will and courage to stand up against the wealth and power of the 1% .


   Small businesses of New York City have become a “deprived social class”, and not considered a significant factor by       Government when making economic policy.


 The “trickle down” Conservative Republic economic policy’s of former Mayor’s Giuliani and Bloomberg were a disaster for most businesses in NYC. They gave no real voice for the majority of business owners nor cared about the real needs and real problems faced by our small businesses.  Instead, they pandered to the profits of real estate, banking, and finance while ignoring the cry’s for help from our small businesses. Twenty years of this anti-small business policy has resulted in the Crisis to survive for most of our city’s businesses, and the closing of NYC as the “Gateway for the American Dream”.  Yet, progressive Mayor de Blasio knowing first hand the total failure of Bloomberg’s economic policy, kept it in tact with the predictable outcome of the closing of our businesses continuing.        NYC Court Rulings to Evict Commercial Tenants

Bloomberg ave.  2012  485 per month evicted

Bloomberg ave.  2013  499 per month evicted

De Blasio    ave.  2014  488 per month evicted

De Blasio     ave   2015  542 per month evicted




The original version of this bill was first introduced in June 1986 by then Councilwoman Ruth Messinger. Later prime sponsors included Councilmembers Stanley Michels,Ronnie Eldridge, Guillermo Linares, and recently Robert Jackson, Margaret Chin, Anabel Palma, and Ydanis Rodriguez.

 Every bill has had the sponsorship of the majority of Council members yet a vote by the full Council has never been taken. With the help of special friends at City Hall and the political machines, the real estate lobby has successfully blocked this legislation, which gives equal rights to the tenants with their landlords to negotiate fair lease terms needed to achieve a reasonable return for the owners. 


Does the frequently used political rhetoric of many Council members, “our small businesses are the backbone of our economy... the engines that create our jobs” really mean anything to them? Do they really care about the middle classes’ jobs or only their jobs? Do they really care that the only pathway for social mobility for lower income families is being lost because our small businesses are being forced to close? Do they really mean it when they say they are a friend of our hard working immigrant families who come to NYC to invest in the American Dream? 


Do they really mean it when they proclaim they are “Progressive”, but remain silent or refuse to support needed change when their own neighborhoods are losing their long established businesses? Neighbors are losing their jobs, the middle class families are being forced from their own neighborhoods by the higher cost of living, the character and spirit of their own neighborhoods are changing for the worse. All the while, most council members are saying and doing nothing to change the status quo which is slowly destroying our city’s economy and destroying the American Dream for many New York families. Would a true Progressive remain silent knowing that a growing number of wealthy and greedy landlords were committing a crime against hard working, mostly immigrant owners by demanding “cash under the table” or having everything the owners’ family sacrificed and worked for destroyed if they did not pay up ?


 The Small Business Jobs Survival Act will be a litmus test for our elected officials in determining if our elected officials really meant what they pledged and claimed to the voters to gain their confidence, trust and votes.

For more information on how to Save NYC Jobs,