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Mayor de Blasio pledges to Save Small Businesses.

FIRST he must Tell the Truth that they are in a Crisis because of His Political Ambitions!

Dateline NYC Feb 7, 2020:

In his State of the City address Mayor de Blasio pledged to Save Small Businesses.  Unfortunately for our city’s small businesses he made the very same pledge in 2009 when running for Public Advocate and he failed to keep that pledge.  It would likely be a surprise to small business owners that the greatest candidate champion of the Small Business Jobs Survival Act, Jobs Act, giving rights to commercial tenants and regulating landlords was back then Councilman de Blasio.  At every small business gathering, especially immigrant forums,

 de Blasio proclaimed his sponsorship of the Jobs Act and called for a vote on the bill.  He publicly committed to fight to stop the business closings, rent gouging, and illegal extortions of primarily immigrant owners. 


Once elected to higher office, his campaign pledges were forgotten, becoming just dishonest election year rhetoric.  First as Public Advocate then, Mayor de Blasio never even once took any action to attempt to save a single business in NYC. Never once did he become a voice against denying economic justice to small business owners that was occurring at City Hall. He was totally complicit to the rigging by the Speaker’s Office and REBNY to stop the only solution to the crisis the Jobs Act. Later, as Mayor he actively joined in the rigging by using his administration to collude with REBNY to promote the debunked legal claims against the Jobs Act and to collaborate with the Speaker’s Office and REBNY to give credibility to worthless studies, business bills and useless initiatives all disingenuous claiming a wanting to help small businesses.


All these shameful acts as the City’s small business crisis spread to every main street in NYC. Under his administration, on average, the courts were evicting 500 businesses each month while he was touting REBNY's false narrative , " its the fines and regulations" that are the problems for small businesses. 

See Link to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s total Hypocrisy in wanting to save small businesses.

Unless Mayor de Blasio finds the courage that Senators Romney and Jones showed, then his legacy will be that, he ended his time in office the way he began, serving the real estate industry; another REBNY Mayor.  Dr. Martin Luther King once said, “ it is never to late to do the right thing.”


If Mayor de Blasio wants to save small businesses it's easy,  just pass the same bill he championed 10 years ago, the Jobs Act. Next, close down all the BIDS, they have become the most anti small business organizations in the country. Lastly, clean out all the political appointments at the SBS and hire a real Commissioner with experience in the field, one who started and built a successful small business in NYC, preferably an immigrant, which would honestly reflect the majority of small business owners in NYC this century.


Stop empowering the real estate industry by telling the truth. The truths of real facts that every lawmaker knows and the citizens will also soon know: 

1-The Commercial Rent Stabilization law was written by REBNY to stop     the Jobs Act, which de Blasio once championed. 

2-The Commercial Rent Stabilization act would keep the status quo and    not save one small business owner.

3-The Commercial Rent Stabilization Act is the opposite of the Jobs Act    in that it keeps all the rights in the hands of the landlords and thus         would keep the status quo.

4-Mayor de Blasio’s is promoting a big real estate Commercial Rent   Control bill and opposing the tenant's rights Jobs Act he once   championed.  His abandoning of his progressive values, his lack of any   real action and ethics have helped make the small business crisis worse. Now he is fighting against legislation to end the crisis which he helped create. How broken is Mayor de Blasio’s moral compass when he sold out to the real estate industry to become Mayor?


Comparing Two Bills | savenycjobs




Comparing Two Bills | savenycjobs






The only reason Mayor de Blasio will support and sign into law the Commercial Rent Control bill and also why he has broken years of remained silence on the small business crisis is to give political cover to council members to vote for this disgraceful bill.  Especially those seeking another office in 2021. Yesterday at the State of the City address was the very FIRST time during Mayor de Blasio's term that the word SAVE was used in regard to Small Businesses!  The public should not be fooled by this sudden concern for the future of our small businesses, Mayor de Blasio is just playing the REBNY script handed him. 

Every lawmaker at City Hall knows the collusion and rigging by REBNY to stop democracy and the Jobs Act, including Mayor de Blasio. The political and moral problems all lawmakers have with justifying switching from the Jobs Act to the REBNY bill is the small business crisis is getting worse and will never end until either the Jobs Act passes or the city goes into a major recession when the backbone of the economy is destroyed.



  *Sung Soo Kim founded the Korean American Small Business Service Center, the oldest small business service center in NYC; co-founding the New York City Small Business Congress and Coalition to Save New York City Small Businesses; creating the Small Business Bill of Rights given to elected officials since 1991; and was chairman of the Mayor’s First Small Business Advisory Board, appointed by Mayors Dinkins and Giuliani. He consulted on many of city’s small business regulations. For over 30 years Mr. Kim has worked daily in addressing the problems of immigrant small business owners.

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