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Our city’s Small Businesses, Art and Cultural institutions,

the best pathway or social mobility for the majority of lower income families and the character and spirit of many neighborhoods are in danger of disappearing in the near future, unless our government intervenes to give them rights needed to survive in NYC. Only a United Voice can save them.


The Small Business Congress, (SBC), is reorganizing in an effort to help reestablish a healthy small business environment which would save our city’s long established struggling mom and pop owners as well as return all NYC businesses to the potential for profitability. Furthermore, SBC would be a strong voice for our neglected Arts and Cultural institutions, Not for Profit organizations , and concerned community groups who all have suffered due to not having a strong voice in making or influencing the economic policy of the past 20 years in NYC. In the recent NYC election, both the candidates and the media failed to make the public aware of the true state of health and dire crisis facing our city’s small businesses, arts and cultural institutions, declining neighborhoods, and middle class families. As well as, to highlight the negative impact upon the average New Yorker’s jobs and the future to our city’s economy if government fails to formulate any real solutions to stop our businesses from going out of business or laying off workers. The small business advocates know the primary reason for the long continued neglect of our small businesses’ real problems, which has created this poor state of health and crisis, has been the economic philosophy of both Mayor’s Giuliani, Bloomberg, and now de Blasio which has purposely excluded the voice and advice of small business owners and the community in the decision making process. While giving undue influence to special interests, and making protecting their profits a priority for our city’s economic policy.

The SBC was founded in 1991 by small business advocates’ organizations. The purpose was to advice government of the best economic policy to promote a stable and healthy environment for our city’s small businesses, one that would promote job retention and job growth. SBC founded the Small Business Bill of Rights which detailed the primary needs of our small businesses, as well as solutions to addressing them. Each year the SBC presented the Bill of Rights to our elected officials. SBC founders made up the majority members of the Mayor’s first Small  Business Advisory Board under former Mayor Dinkins. SBC was instrumental in working with government in drafting legislation and regulations governing small businesses. In the mid 1990’s, tenants organizations joined with merchant groups and SBC to lead the fight in stopping the big mega box stores from opening in NYC. Under former Mayor Dinkins Democratic administration, SBC was a real partner in advising government on small business needs and formulating solution policies to address them. Under the Republican administrations of both Giuliani and Bloomberg, the successful role of SBC came to an end. Former Mayor Giuliani disbanded the Small Business Advisory board and both Republican Mayors rejected receiving or commenting on the Small Business Bill of Rights. At its peak, SBC had 114 member organizations citywide. Join SBC and present a United Voice to save our neighborhoods, small businesses, arts and cultural institutions and not for profits. United we can make a difference.

Executive Committee:

Sung Soo Kim- Co-Founder SBC -Founder Korean American Small Business Services Center

Steven Barrison- Executive Vice President and Spokesperson Small Business Congress

Sherri Donovan, Esq. – Legal Counsel for SBC. Represents Attorneys and Professionals

Alfred Placeres- Co-Founder of SBC- Founder, NYS Federation of Hispanic Chambers ofCommerce

Bernardo Palombo – Founder El Taller , Represents the Arts and Not for Profit organizations

Robert Bieder- Represents Bronx Merchants Coalition

Lois Marbach – Founder, Queens County Progressive Democratic Club -Represents Queens community groups

Luis Tejada- Director Mirabal Center and represents Tenants organizations

Dr. Ramon Tallaj, Chairman Corinthian Medical IPA.Represents medical profession in NYC

Rafael Alvarez, President, CEO and Founder ATAX Franchise, INC. Represents NYC Franchises

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