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The Majority of Lobby Controlled Lawmakers will Soon Leave Office. Their Final Act Will Be To Destroy the Only Real Lifeline to: Save Small Businesses, Jobs and Our Economy. 

Voters Have A Right To Know Who These Phony Progressives Are, Who They Really Serve and the Crisis that they are Responsible For.

Because of the enormous influence of lobbies in our election process, voters will be unaware that they are electing mainly hand picked candidates chosen by corrupt party machines and lobbies. Hand picked to replace unethical lawmakers who were loyal only to the powerful lobbies that control economic policy at City Hall.

Voters will also be ignorant that they are voting on:  the future survival of our small businesses, survival of our art community, the vitality and character of neighborhoods, job opportunities for hard to employ New Yorkers, the stability of our immigrant communities, prevention of sky high property taxes, prevention of rising consumer prices, and most importantly, the prevention of the total destruction of the backbone of our economy which will trigger an economic catastrophe.

For this November 2021 election the stakes for every New Yorker could not be greater!  Yet, their choices of candidates who are true progressives actually committed to serve the will of the people are limited to only a handful.  As the power and influence of lobbies, and the oligarchs they serve, has grown with each election so has their control over our government which has produced blatant anti democratic acts.

The most Blatant Act Ever is Soon Coming!

Within a few months time, the Council will commit the most outrageous and despicable act ever committed against our city’s small business owners, the majority of whom are immigrant family owned (64-68%).  Shamefully, they will be doing this destructive and appalling act at the sole orders of lobbies.

First, note that all pending legislation expires on Dec. 31, 2021.

A deplorable scheme has been cooked up by the lobbies in collusion with the Democratic leadership. Their devious plot is to kill the Small Business Jobs Survival Act, Jobs Survival Act, and substitute a real estate lobby created bill* in its place that would keep the status quo. A Status Quo Trojan Horse bill that would destroy any hope for our businesses to survive and restore their American Dream.  * I will detail shortly (days) these two opposite bills.

One bill ( Jobs Survival Act) written by business owners that is fair to all parties and gives rights to tenants to renew long term leases.  The other lobby bill is a true fraud, and gives no real rights to tenants and in fact would cause rents to increase, and force more businesses to close and jobs lost.   

* Fake fraudulent Lobby bill, Commercial Rent Stabilization|Text|Attachments|&Search=1796

 * Jobs Survival Act|Text|&Search=small+business

No single proposed legislative act at City Hall exposes more the total corruption of our government by special interests than denying a vote on the Jobs Survival Act for decades and then killing it when most needed.  Corrupted lawmakers, instead of voting the only real lifeline to save our businesses, have been busy conspiring to vote on a worthless bill in its place. The Jobs Survival Act gives actual rights to all business owners when their leases expire. Rights to renew long term 10 year leases, equal rights to negotiate fair lease terms that allow a reasonable profit , and an arbitration process to protect against rent gouging and tenants forced to pay their landlord’s property taxes. The Lobby Status Quo bill gives only false hope.

For over 35 years the lobbies have colluded with unethical lawmakers to rig the system to bottle the Job Survival Act  up in committee.  A Small Business Committee hearing on the bill in 2009 concluded that the Jobs Survival Act was the only real solution to stop the closing of our businesses, and it still is today.  Every member of the committee became sponsors of the bill, making 32 council sponsors.

A vote was stopped by the collusion of the powerful real estate lobby and the blind political ambitions of then Speaker Quinn. All future Speakers would willfully join to continue this collusion.

During a growing crisis, to successfully deny economic justice for small business owners and to stop any vote on the Jobs Survival Act, took over 11 years of rigging produced political theater at City Hall of a lobby orchestrated charade.  A disgraceful charade of fake studies, countless worthless programs and initiatives, outright blatant lying by Democratic leadership, sham hearings, a stacked Small Business Committee, hand picked morally corrupt Chairs, property owner BIDS on every main street, government funded anti-small business Chambers and business groups, and the largest conspiracy of agencies and lawmakers plotting together to stop any legislation giving business owners the rights needed to survive or make a reasonable profit when their leases expired. City Hall was Killing the American Dream in plain sight! And even now with businesses facing two crises at the same time, resulting from the coronavirus crisis, the collusion and rigging continues at City Hall. 

The outcome of this shameful and despicable collusion and rigging of our government to benefit the lobbies and ambitious politicians has produced our city’s small business crisis years prior to the virus crisis. A growing unresolved severe crisis citywide, with long established businesses closing in record numbers, year after year, and City Hall purposely doing absolutely nothing to save even one business or job.

The voters need to know that the lawmakers they helped elect in past elections, and candidates in this election, are totally responsible for the closings of their favorite mom and pop business prior to the virus crisis. Furthermore, these same corrupt lawmaker who remained silent and were either complicit to the rigging to deny economic justice to the business owners or willingly joined in the rigging to prevent any real solution from ever being voted on, caused our city’s “empty store blight.” Yes, appalling and disgraceful, but the truth.

City Hall has betrayed our business owners countless times over the years but nothing compared to what they have schemed up with the corrupt party bosses and lobbies. 

After 35 years of successfully rigging the system to stop a vote on the Small Business Jobs Survival Act, Jobs Survival Act, the only true lifeline to save our businesses, the lobbies conspired with lawmakers to soon KILL the Jobs Act bill once and for all. 

Why now after 35 years?

The term limited Council members leaving are the largest ever.  The lobbies and party machines do not want to jeopardize the futures of their newly elected loyal lawmakers. Especially, their new likely Mayor, Eric Adams whom they have backed and groomed for years. The lobby knows if their Lobby Status Quo bill is passed by the new Council and signed by Adams that the voters would be outraged when their businesses continue to close, property taxes rise, jobs lost and prices sky rocket.  The lobby knows sooner or later the public will learn the truth of the corruption of their government by lobbies, and the consequences to society. Lobbies also know their substitute bill is so absurd and a total fake, it will be easy for suave New Yorkers to see through it.   Therefore, having the termed Council members who will be looking for high paying jobs and will eagerly sign on to this group rigging so they can show their loyalty for their post term resumes will be an easy task. 

The voters have a right to know who is responsible for our city’s “empty store blight” and betraying democracy and planning to betray  our business owners by sponsoring the real estate lobby’s useless Status Quo Trojan Horse bill.  City Hall has hit a new low in morality. This lobby created disgraceful substitute bill offers absolutely no semblance of humanity, decency, rights or fairness for small business owners. Its passage will be the final nail in the coffin for our desperate business owners, art community and New Yorkers who love their city.


First our lawmakers allowed special interests to take over the economic policy for our city. Next, they turned their heads away while our small business owners became victims of over-the-top real estate speculation. Then, the lawmakers “do nothing” policy to stop the closings of our businesses produced the “empty store blight.” (followed by the distractions like counting empty storefronts game). And then the Democratic leadership remained silent and complicit for three years to the collusion and rigging to stop a vote on the Jobs Survival Act, the only real lifeline to save our businesses.

Today, when Council votes 49-0 to pass a Lobby Status Quo bill, it will make it official, the most lobby controlled morally corrupt Council in our city's history. Under their lobby controlled watch NYC went from a government who created a small business crisis to a government who created an all out small business tragedy.

List of Lawmakers and Groups Loyal To

  or Serving a Powerful Lobby!

Shills for Lobby to deny Economic Justice to

Small Business Owners.

A shill pretends to be on your side while actually in collusion with the con person who is setting a fake stage to rip the “mark” off.

Top Guns for Lobby-  Dream Team

1. Mayor de Blasio

2. Speaker Johnson

3. Manhattan President Brewer

4. CM Lander

5. CM Gjonaj

6. CM Levin

7. CM Rodriguez

8. CM Cornegy

9. Brooklyn President Adams

10. Bronx President Diaz Jr.

11. NYS Senator Hoylman

12. NYS AG James

13. Queens President Richards

Honorable Mention – PA Williams –Biggest betrayal and denial of economic justice against small business owners under his watch.

Williams remained silent as collusion and rigging to stop Jobs Survival Act was carried out in plain sight. Williams signs onto substitute bills that will KILL the only real life line to save small businesses.  Political opportunist who is anti immigrant. Williams is poster child for eliminating PA office. After de Blasio, James and Williams, enough is enough, PA office a joke and waste of taxpayer money.

  Lobby Top Cronies 2nd Team     Lobby  Loyalist 3rd team

11. CM Rivera                                    

12. CM Powers                                  23. CM Cabrera

13. CM Brannan                                24.  CM  Moya  

14. CM Holden                                  25.  CM Dromm

15. CM Chin                                      26.  CM Ayala

16. CM Rosenthal                             27.  CM Reynoso

17. CM Levine                                   28.  CM Menchaca

18. CM Koo

19. CM Vallone

20. CM Salamaca

21. CM Van Bramer

22. CM Cumbo




1. NYC Small Business Services (SBS)- the most anti small business agency in America. Should be eliminated for corruption and failed policy. Nothing but a lobby for EDC and cover up failed lawmakers policies

2. Council’s Small Business Committee- REBNY picked Chair and members stacked with lobby cronies.

3. EDC- Masters of the entire real estate speculation in NYC, Nothing but a lobby for wealthy profiteers.

4. 76 BIDS- NYC BID Alliance- played a major role in opposing the Jobs Survival Act.  All Bids nothing but property owners organization in disguise, who have gotten rich from speculation destroying main street businesses. Played a major role in creating “empty store blight”. Fronts to give political cover to corrupt lawmakers.

5. All Major Chambers of Commerce in NYC- serve only the fat cats and giving political cover for corrupt incompetent lawmakers.

6. NYC Hospitality Alliance-  Andrew Rigie – opportunist opposed to: Jobs Survival Act and giving any real rights to restaurant owners needed to survive when their leases expire.  Which side is he really on? His record makes clear he is no friend of small business.

7. ANHD Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development    Lena Afridi (ring leader with hidden agenda)  helped Create United for Small Business NYC – Karea Narefsky  Front to stop the Jobs Survival Act and control the false REBNY narrative to cover-up the crisis. Plays a major role at election time to promote a false narrative of the real problems facing small businesses. Used to promote fake bills created by lobby.

8. Friends of SBJSA- David Eisenbach – Two faced hypocrite- Speaker Johnson’s protector and silent player in collusion to stop the Jobs Survival Act and a big contributor to the stalling and derailment of the JOBS SURVIVAL ACT.

9. Partnership for New York City- Anti small business and always an elitists organization of fat cat speculators and profiteers who care little for working families.

10. NSA Nation Supermarket Association -  Nelson Eusebio – Sold out supermarket owners to protect Congressman Espailat and CM Rodriguez who took lobby money to increase their own political ambitions. 

11. New York State Restaurant Association – lobby

12. Alliance for Downtown New York- Jessica Lappin opposes any legislation empowering small businesses.

13. Council of New York Cooperatives & Condominiums- testifies more for to benefit landlords than tenants.

14. Brooklyn Legal Services Corp. A

15. Dance NYC

16. NYC Artists Coalition – Olympia Kazi double talk to pretend seeking help for artists.

17. SOS Save our Storefronts-created to distract away from Jobs Survival Act. Recommends Albany create a solution, knowing they never will .

18. TakeRoot Justice

19. Chhaya – funded to promote politicians policy.

20 Artist Studio Affordability Project- Jenny Dubnau, betrayed all artists by flipping to support known worthless bill created by REBNY.

21. Center for Urban Future

22. Pratt Center for Community Development

23. Community Development Project- Urban Justice Center

24. Street Vendor Project

25. Harlem Community Development Corp

26. New York State Latino Restaurant Bar & Lounge Association:            Elvis Silverio, President

 27. National Association of State Latino Chambers of Commerce:           Frank Garcia 

28. NY Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: Rafael Martinez, President

29. Spectrum News NY1- safe platform for corrupt lawmakers to safely deny economic justice to business owners and get away with it. Longest and biggest political scandal in NYC history and NEVER once any lawmaker called out or held accountable. This is public platform to give REBNY’s false narrative with no push back.

30.  The Yemeni American Merchants Association – board members real estate controlled – partnership with Gjonaj

32. Catholic Community Relations Council- shameful with majority of business owners and jobs from Hispanic immigrant families.

33. NY City Bar- for 30 years always expect false claims Jobs Act unconstitutional

34. 32 BJ SEIU-

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