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Jobs Survival Act ,Up to 27 sponsors on bill, Soon a hearing on bill will be held at City Hall by Small Business Committee.  Expect citywide support from many groups: business, arts, professional, tenants, and community to attend and give support. If you wish to participate,  email us.




Media Links:


Latest Press Release 08/03/2015,

Public demands City Council Members stop stalling with irrelevant bills

Press Release 7/24/2015,

Immigrant Community Demands City Hall pass the SBJSA

Press Release 7/21/2015,

Community comes together to deal with small business crisis City Hall is avoiding

Press Release 7/17/2015,

Small Business Jobs Survival Act Gains Momentum with Backing from 21 New York City Council Members

Press Release 7/13/2015,

Call For Small Businesses to Boycott Real Estate Lobby’s Cornegy and Brewer Roundtable

Press Release 6/30/2015,

City's Small Business Services advocates for an advocate to advocate for NYC small business?

Press Release 6/26/2015,

Williamsburg Council Members divided over saving small businesses

Press Release 6/15/2015,

Landlord evicts entire block of Latino business owners(enespanol)


Mr. Kim’s op-ed

Overview of high rents and legislation

Jillian Jonas stories





Media Kit for Queens Press Conference

March 24, 2016

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