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Step­ by ­Step action you can take 

to help save your small businesses.






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Pope article:


de Blasio exposed - sold out mom and pop




Mr. Kim’s op-ed



1 Type in your address and your Council members’ home page will come up.

2. Next, Write down the name and district officetelephone number for your Council member.

3. Next, Take the telephone number and Council member’s name to your local small business.

4. In the business, in front of the owner or manager, and hopefully

other customers, telephone the Council member and ask to speak to the Council member.

5. The receptionist will ask why you are calling. Tell them your name and that you are a constituent and need answers to three questions from the Council member. Ask the receptionist to please give your message to the Council member.

The three questions you want

answered are:


What actions have the Council member taken to stop the closing of our local mom and pop businesses?


What actions have the Council member taken to save our local jobs that were lost when our small businesses close or workers are laid off when their new lease terms are unfair?


Is the Council member a sponsor of the Small Business Jobs Survival Act, the only real solution to save our small businesses and jobs, and if not, why? If not, ask, does the Council member have a better solution to save the small businesses?


Next, when finished with asking the questions and still on the

phone with the councilmember’s’ office, ask any other customers if

they wish to ask the same questions of the Council member or

comment on the closing of our small businesses.


Finally, give a copy of the Council member’s’ name and telephone number to the small business owner and explain to them this is New York City, and if you want economic equality and justice from our government, you have to fight for it against powerful special interests

and powerful political machines.If they are to survive in business, they must take action to get the Small Business Jobs Survival Act passed into law,as it is the ironly hope for their future and their employees’ future. To do that they must telephone the Council member themselves and ask the same questions and have their loyal customers do the same. all day long.Inaddition, they must take the telephone number and name to their business neighbors on the block and have them take the same action.There is strength in unity and they will discover that many of their customers will stand by them and fight to save them and keep them in business.

Update on Jobs Survival Act

Up to 27 sponsors on bill, A majority !!!

Soon, a hearing on bill will be held at City Hall by Small Business Committee.  Expect citywide support from many groups: business, arts, professional, tenants, and community to

attend and give support. If you wish to participate email us


Upcoming Events

Waiting for Hearing date on bill


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